Tour de France 2016 Stage 1 Live Streaming

The modern tour of Tour de France 2016 uniquely has 21 stages, one per day, with 2 days being allotted as a part of rest days in the process of completion of Tour de France.

Tour de France 2016 Stage 1 Live Streaming

Though the Tour de France 2016 live in action involves lot of miles to be covered, one need to START their first peddle in order to finish. A decent START ends up in a great finish. Now let’s see how stage 1 of Tour de France starts? And from where does it start? Where is its finishing point?

Stage 1 Details:

STARTING POINT Mont Sait -Michel-Utah Beach
FINISHING POINTSainte-Marie-du-Mont
TYPEFlat Stage

Starting Point of Tour de France 2016 stage 1 

The three-million tourists who visit the Mont-Saint-Michel every year almost always leave with their awesome, mind-blowing photography of the landscape that is formed during the Tour de France 2016 Live in action. The first individual time trial tour was in Tour de France 2013.

Finishing point of Tour de France 2016 Stage 1

On 06/06/1944, the naturally beautiful La Madeleine beach was, under codename Utah Beach, one of five major areas chosen for the deploying American army forces arriving both from air and waters. Utah Beach plays a prominent role in the success of the D-Day operations; over 23,000 soldiers were able to step on French soil in just a few hours and clear the essential access for the allied counter attack. This being the finishing point of stage 1, this is when Tour de France 2016 Live Streaming becomes even more significant. The total distance of stage 1 of Tour de France 2016 is 188 km.

we hope you got the detailed information of Tour de France 2016 stage 1. For more information on Tour de France 2016 stages you can follow the link Tour de France stages


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