Tour de France 2016 Stage 21 Live Steaming (Final Stage)

Tour de France 2016 has come to it's end now, and with the last stage of TDF 2016. We're going to spectate a blasting finale for the biggest cycling event of the year! The Final stage of Tour de France 2016, Tour de France 2016 Stage 21 reminds me of a Quote :

"Eat before you are hungry. Drink before you are thirsty. Rest before you are tired. Cover up before you are cold. Peel off before you are hot. Don't drink or smoke on tour. Never ride just to prove yourself." 

- Paul de Vivie 

Tour de France 2016 Stage 21 Live Steaming

Now let’s see how stage 1 of Tour de France starts? And from where does it start? Where is its finishing point?

Stage 21 Details

TYPEFlat Stage

Starting Point of Tour de France 2016 stage 21 

 Tour de France Stage 21 Live Streaming


The Château de Chantilly is one of the architectural showpieces of the Parisian region. Its parc and the forest surrounding it add to beauty of the site that attracts visitors in numbers. In terms of racing, the specialists tend to turn to the horse racetrack to witness events like the prestigious Prix de Diane.

Known to be the last stage of Tour De France 2016, the race starts from the breathtaking view of mountains spread over the city of Chantilly. This is the stage where all the bicycles seem to rockets, as every aspirant is on his toes to finish first, of the race in Tour De France 2016 Stage 21. The people following the Live coverage of the race also increases substantially. The live action of the event shall be followed in our website Tour de France live Streaming.

Finishing Point of Tour de France 2016 stage 21


The city of lights, city of love/romance will be set to flag off the finish line  of Tour De France 2016. From the Centre Pompidou to the cathedral of Notre-Dame, from the Eiffel Tower to the Panthéon, the crowd goes crazy by seeing the streamline of cyclists, who are eager to finish the race, Tour De rance 2016.

The race finally lasts for 117kms(70miles), with the Live stream of this nail-biting stage of Tour de France 2016 is broadcasted and Live action is covered in many of the prominent channels, listed in our website. The live stream of Tour de France 2016 Stage 21 live streaming can also be followed in your site Tour de France 2016 live 


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